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Goldie Sommer Started His College Career By Attending The University Of Hartford

June 24, 2015
Goldie Sommer has spent considerable time trying to give back to the community. She has donated her time and efforts to N.J. Cares. There, she is a volunteer at Hunger Helpers, which helps to feed the homeless people of Newark, New Jersey. The homeless are not the only soft spot that Goldie Sommer has in her heart, she is also a sucker for animals. She is absolutely an animal lover who wants to see humanity's furry friends prosper. Rescuing dogs from shelters and helping them to find forever-homes is a calling for Goldie Sommer.

Goldie Sommer has worked as an attorney specializing in real estate issues for many years now. She is a New Jersey property attorney who is a founding member of The Sommer Law Firm, which is headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey. Goldie Sommer has more than thirty-five years of experience in the fields of law or real estate, both of which are relevant to what she does every single day.

Goldie Sommer attended the University of Hartford to begin her college career. However, she eventually decided to transfer to Fairleigh Dickenson University, where she would graduate Magna Cum Laude. Goldie Sommer would then attend Seton Hall School of Law. She eventually graduated from the law school, obtaining her Juris Doctorate. She would later be admitted to the bar in New York and New Jersey, meaning she can practice law in both states. She has been involved in more than ten-thousand successful real estate closings—so she certainly understands the intricacies of the process.